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SOLINDO engaged in IT consultation service that provides the best solutions, which makes us the best partner to our clients in implementing and developing their e-business, Media and Marketing Strategy.

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Solindo try the best to provide its service to various segment of market,

from coorporate to personal. focuses as a reseller of multiple domain providers in one account and we are now developing ourselves in the direction of retail where each user can freely manage their own hosting, from email setup to adding software. is your best partner in implementing your e-business, Media and Marketing Strategy. We specialize in providing professional services for the creation of e-Business, Internet and Media solutions for businesses that intend to build their presences online. is an online tool which allows you to create your own website with the helping hands of professional designers. We provide you a simple way to create your own website and easiy manage, suit your taste & you can work wherever you are. So simple & easy!



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